Toxins In Our Beauty Products

Here’s a frightening fact: the FDA is failing to keep us protected from toxins and other cancer causing chemicals that can be found in our beauty products today. Cosmetics these days are loaded with chemicals and petrochemicals which are proving to be detrimental to our health, if not even downright deadly.

So what can you do?

You should begin by familiarizing yourself with the most hazardous chemicals of them all, and make a conscious effort not to purchase products containing these chemicals. Some of these chemicals are:


Where there’s a cosmetic, there’s almost always a phthalate or two. You can find phthalates in a number of beauty products, from fragrances to nail polishes to shampoos and lotions for our skin. Just why are there so many products containing this cancer, infertility and birth defect-causing chemical, especially when the FDA knows about it? Because the FDA says that the amount of phthalates in these products is low enough to not be a health risk.

But would you ever drink one teaspoon of bleach, knowing full well that such a low dosage “probably” won’t kill you? Probably not.


Lead is deadly and can be found on the lips of many women across the globe. Lead is most popularly found in women’s lipstick products. The frightening part about this is that as the lead is in the lipstick itself, you’ll be hard preshttp://yourdomain/4-easy-tips-for-wearing-lipstick/sed to find a woman who hasn’t ingested some in her lifetime. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that women who wear lipstick actually ingest several pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. This means that women are eating a whole lot of lead.

Here’s the other thing that is bothersome about lead, apart from it being cancerous and causing birth defects: it’s not even an additive, it’s simply a contaminant. So if the cosmetic manufacturers did a better job keeping their lipstick clean, then women (and those they’re kissing) will not needlessly ingest this deadly toxin.


Parabens have been removed largely from sunscreen products after they have been recognized as causing reproductive problems and breast cancer in women, but they still do exist in other products. Parabens are added to beauty products as they help preserve them and increase their shelf life, meaning that the manufacturers do not risk having their product go bad before it sells.

Parabens mimic the hormones in our body, which makes it very frightening and also leaves many wondering what other hazardous effects they may have on our body. Don’t settle for any products with parabens; choose products that contain a healthier, natural preservative.

This is just a list of three of the most toxic of the chemicals that are added to our beauty products. Do not think for one moment that what we put on our bodies isn’t ending up inour bodies. That lotion, that deodorant, that foundation that “sits” on our skin all ends up being absorbed by our skin and entering into our blood stream. Stay beautiful without compromising your health and choose natural products.