Tips On Picking The Perfect Foundation

When it comes to beauty products, foundation is perhaps the single most important cosmetic when it comes to choosing the right shade or color. With so many different foundation colors and shades out there, it can be quite frightening to try and choose the right one for you.

Foundation also isn’t exactly cheap, so you don’t want to waste a lot of money on a beauty product that you can’t even use. Here are some tips and things to think about before you make your foundation purchase:

Test it First

This may seem obvious, but a lot of women will simply eyeball a color and decide it “looks” like their skin tone. Make sure there is a tester available, and then blend the foundation into the back of your wrist or, for a more accurate take, on your jaw line. If it blends, you know that you have the right shade. Make sure that you are viewing the foundation in daylight, however, as some foundations may look good in certain lighting, only to appear too dark or orangey in regular daylight.

TIP: Yellow-based foundations work with almost any skin tone, though if you have very fair skin, you may want to try a foundation with a pink base.

Choose the Formula

There are a lot of different formulas to choose from when it comes to foundation. Take your skin type into consideration, such as if you have oily skin, you will want to go for foundations that are oil free, that offer oil control, or that are mattifying.

For anyone with dry skin, opt for a foundation that will offer you hydrating qualities and that are “moisture rich”.

Combination skin should choose the formula based on what the majority of their skin is. If you have mostly oily skin with some dry spots, opt for a formula for oily skin, and vice versa. Cream to powder foundations are a great option for combination skin, and mineral make up will work for virtually any skin type, including sensitive skin.

Determine the Coverage

You can choose to either have light coverage, or medium coverage foundation. Light coverage is generally appropriate for the majority of women, as it will help even out any slight blemishes or red areas that you may have on your face. For women with acne, scarring, or a very uneven skin tone, you may want to choose a medium coverage foundation.

Mineral foundations are generally good for ay women of any skin type, so you may want to look into these as well.

Tinted Moisturizers

A lot of women who wear foundation don’t, in fact, need it at all! Try out a tinted moisturizer and see if it gives you the coverage that you are looking for. You can still use concealer on your face if you do have any slight blemishes that you would like to cover up.

Purchasing Tips

When it comes to foundation, it’s a good idea to buy it from a store that will allow you to return it if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Department stores have a return policy, but drugstores don’t always have them. Check before you buy.