Tips For Wearing Heavy Makeup

Heavy makeup has gotten a bad rap from a lot of women for ages. The term heavy makeup is thrown around rather freely, as it can mean several different things. To some, heavy makeup is referring to pancake-like foundation that can almost be chiseled off of one’s face. To others, it refers to that dark, thick eye makeup that is often associated with those working in the sex industry. To others, it means going overboard with both the eye makeup and the lipstick at the very same time.

Let’s face it – natural makeup is generally the preferred state of makeup for most, simply because it can take you any where, any time. Most women would not even dare enter into the office wearing black eye shadow or blazing red lipstick. But there is a time and place for heavy makeup, and there is also a way that you can do it so you can be sure that you are doing it right. Let’s attack the first “heavy makeup” myth up there about foundation:

Pancake Foundation is a “No-No”

Have acne? Lots of scarring? Rosacea? By no means do you need to resort to caked on foundation to help you acquire that clean, fresh faced look. If you are ever so unfortunate enough to have purchased a thick foundation that add several layers of unnecessary makeup to your skin, throw it out and start looking for something new.

Depending on you skin type, a certain level of coverage will be required, but there are great foundations out there that offer full coverage and that do not make your face look like you’re wearing tons of heavy makeup. Go for higher end cosmetics that offer full coverage and test it out on your wrist beforehand. If you are looking for maximum coverage, if the foundation is able to conceal the veins on your wrist without looking “fake”, you’re good to go.

Yes, You Can Wear Black Eye Shadow

Black eye shadow isn’t a complete write off; it’s all about applying it correctly and wearing it at an appropriate time. If you are planning on going to a busy bar or hitting the clubs downtown, then wearing black eye shadow can look fantastic! To apply black eye shadow correctly, you can first apply it to your lid, and then slowly extend it to your crease. As you work your way outwards, fan it upwards to create a slight “lift” to your eye area. Follow up with some eye liner and two coats of mascara.

TIP: For a really dramatic look, try adding some false eye lashes or small sticker “gems” to the corner of your eyes.

Any Woman can Wear Red Lipstick

Whoever said that not all women can pull off red lipstick clearly had not done her research. Yes, you can wear red lipstick! It’s all about choosing the correct shade, applying it correctly, and wearing it at an appropriate time of day.

To choose a correct shade, it’s all about choosing red lipstick based on the undertone of your skin. If you have a “cooler” complexion with pinky shades, then go for red lipsticks that have a “blue” base. If you have a “warmer” complexion, choose red lipsticks that have an “orange” base.

You should always line your lips with either a red lip liner or a nude lip liner before applying a red lipstick. This will help keep the lipstick in place and also keep it from bleeding outside of your lip line.

Red lipstick should generally only be worn at night.