Recession-Proof Hair Beauty Tips

We all know that the economy right now is less than favorable. A few years ago, we certainly weren’t watching our money as much as we are now. Everyone’s looking for ways to cut corners and save a few extra dollars during these hard times, but this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise your beauty. As a matter of fact, women should be approaching this as a much invited challenge and continue to improve themselves financially, to save the most they can on their beauty products, even after the recession has ended.

Start Using Less

What is with us ladies just throwing huge globs of hair product into the palm of our hand and using it? We are particularly bad about this when it comes to shampoo and conditioner; we tend to empty almost half of the bottle into our hands and then run it through our hair.

Believe it or not, you only need a dime to a quarter-sized dab in your hand when it comes to almost all hair styling products and cleaning products (this depends on the length of your hair). You certainly by no means need to have a huge amount that fills the entire palm of your hand; that’s just a ton of waste.

Buy Quality

Though it may seem contradictory to spend more money on a product for your hair when you are trying to have money, there’s one big reason why you should be buying these more expensive products: you can easily get away with using a lot less of it.

The cheaper the product, the more “filler” there is in the product, such as water. These fillers do absolutely nothing apart from dilute the solution and make it less effective, which means that you actually need more of the product for it to do its job. If you buy quality products that have little to no filler, then you can easily use just a small amount of product and have it last longer than if you were to buy a less expensive, inferior quality product.

Work from the Back to the Front

When applying any type of hair styling product, you will always want to work from the back to the front. Why? Because working from the back to the front allows you to better apply the styling product throughout your entire head of hair rather than simply globbing it all on one spot. The hair in the back of your head is also thicker, so it is far less obvious if too much product is applied at the back of the head than if you were to apply it to the top of your head.

Try Using a Dry Shampoo

It’s time to stop shampooing your hair every day and stick with doing it every two, three or even every for days. If you do notice that your hair is starting to get a bit oily, you can either invest in a dry shampoo and use that to get rid of the excess oil, or you can sprinkle corn starch onto the oily or dirty hair. Brush it through, and continue to apply small amounts until your hair is no longer oily.