Natural Herbs for Breast Enlargement

Many women dream of having larger breasts, but many of these women are not willing to go under the knife. Not only can breast augmentation surgery put you out of pocket thousands of dollars, but there may be health complications and further surgeries required as time goes on. Many creams, lotions and potions that promise to enhance a woman’s bust also tend to have little to no effect, not to mention the many health concerns that come along with using such creams. Push up and padded bras have to come off eventually, so how can those who want a safe and natural way to enhance their bust do it?

Fortunately, for those seeking a safe alternative to bust enhancement, there are herbal remedies that have been tried, and tested time and time again that have increased women’s busts for ages. Here are the top herbs that can increase your bust by a cup or two:

Fenugreek: Fenugreek, also known as “fennel”, is an herb with several different uses. New moms who have problems having their milk come in often take fenugreek supplements to increase their milk flow, but this somewhat has the same effect on women who are not new moms. For those of us who are not pregnant or do not have babies, fenugreek will increase the amount of estrogen that we have coursing through our bodies, while also waking up our hormone “prolactin”. Prolactin and estrogen combine forces to stimulate breast tissue growth, which in turn increases your breast size.

Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto has been used for a long while to help enhance a woman’s bust. Saw palmetto, when used with another herb that contains “diosgenin”, helps increase a woman’s bust.

TIP: Saw Palmetto is often combined with Wild Yam, an herb that contains the substance “diosgenin”.

Black Cohosh and Red Clover: While most herbal extracts have some sort of estrogen enhancing effects, how black cohosh and red clover work together to increase bust size is a bit of an anomaly. Red clover does have “isoflavones”, a naturally occurring chemical that acts just like estrogen. Some say that black cohosh also contains phytoestrogens, however whether this herb actually does have any estrogen-like properties is still a mystery.

Dong Quai: Dong quai has been used for centuries by the Chinese for a number of reasons, though it’s most common use is helping regulate a woman’s reproductive system. Dong quai helps a woman grow larger breasts as it stimulates the body to make the hormone progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that enhances the size of your breasts.

What About Combination Herbal Enhancement Therapies that are on the Market?

Of course, several companies have concocted their own formulations and combinations of herbs that they promise will help enhance the size of your breasts. While taking the above herbs independently will help boost your breasts, these combination pills have proven effective as well. It is important to do your research on both the company and the herbs included in these breast enhancements to guarantee that it is safe and effective.