How To Transform Yourself For Your High School Reunion

Whether it is your 10th year, your 25th year, or even your 50th year high school reunion, you definitely want to show those old friends, enemies, and bullies that you definitely got it going on. What better way is there to make a lasting impression on everyone than to look your very best?

You may feel that trying to impress your former classmates with your looks is immature or unrefined, but what you look like is the first thing that everyone will notice when you walk into the room. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you look your best at your reunion.

The Quick Nip and Tuck

Chances are that you aren’t exactly as lithe as you were when you graduated oh so many years ago. Chances are that you don’t have the time to sweat it out at the gym and get rid of any little folds or pooches that you don’t want your classmates seeing. This is exactly when products like Spanx come in handy.

Spanx is a product that you can slip onto your body which will instantly slim it down and make it appear smoother and firmer. Spanx has a whole lot of products out there, including full body suits that you can wear under your clothing. They also have a line of underwear and swimsuits for those who may be thinking of hitting the beach in the summertime.

Wear the Right Thing

You want to be sure that what you wear is both fashionable and appropriate for your body type. A nice a-line dress is flattering for almost any figure, but do make sure that the neckline you choose is appropriate for you. If you are wearing body slimming clothing items underneath your clothes, then you may want to go for a sexy little black dress to wear to your reunion.

The shoes that you wear should be trendy, yet comfortable. Though there will undoubtedly be seating, expect to be on your feet for most of the time as you cycle through your old classmates and swap stories with one another. Shimmer platform heels are all the rage these days, and a pair of gorgeous nude heels can go with almost any outfit that you choose to wear.

Don’t Layer On the Make Up

Women who show up to their reunions with caked on makeup not only look old, but they look outdated. Unless you want to look like you are trying to relive your days in high school, cut back on the makeup and wear minimal amounts.

A nice glossy nude lip is great when paired with an eye that has a bit of a dramatic flair. You don’t need to go all out and choose to do a smoky eye, but definitely put a darker shade in the crease to give your eye some depth and definition, and don’t be afraid of throwing on a coat or two of mascara. Wearing a nice shimmer powder on your cheek bones, at your temples, along your brow bone and even on your chest will give you that youthful, dewy glow.