How To Be Better Looking

Sounds like a rather basic title, and it’s definitely that way on purpose. We are all striving to be “better looking” in our day to day lives. We do our hair a certain way to be “better looking”, we apply our makeup a certain way to be “better looking”, and we work out incessantly at the gym to be “better looking”. But maybe the key to being better looking is looking at the positives about our selves rather than focus solely on the negatives.

Eat Right and Exercise

Step one to being better looking: eating right and exercises. You don’t have to put in hours at the gym to be “better looking”. As a matter of fact, even without losing a pound, you will feel better as soon as you start eating right and exercising. Doing such activities increases our self esteem and instantly gives us that boost in confidence that will make us realize that we really are the hottie that we didn’t see before.

Then, of course, there is the benefit of losing weight and also feeling better since we are feeding our bodies the right food. What we put into our mouths plays a big role on how we feel emotionally. High fat and high sugar foods will quickly dampen our spirits and put us in cranky moods, whereas eating healthy, fresh whole foods will actually elevate our mood and give us more energy, so we are happier people as a result.

Get a Full Length Mirror

That’s right, you want to get a full length mirror if you want to be better looking and not just a small mirror that focuses on the neck up. So many of us stare at our faces on a daily basis and pick at what we hate rather than look at the positives. It’s important for us to look at our bodies as a whole and learn to love the entire package. So you don’t have the nose that you wanted; you probably have a great butt or maybe you have a fantastic bust that your friends are envious of. No one is 100% perfect, so work what you got and flaunt it!

Don’t Neglect your Appearance

One of the worst and most detrimental things that you can do to be better looking is neglect your personal appearance. Keep up with your regular hair colorings. Wear makeup, even if it’s minimal, when you go out. Do your hair and don’t go out in your sweat pants all of the time. Dress up reasonably for any occasion and remember to smile. If you begin to neglect your appearance, then you are on a spiraling path downwards to only feeling all the worse about your appearance.

The key to being “better looking” is all about changing how you see yourself, and improving both your self confidence and your self esteem. You’d be amazed how quickly you can turn your view of yourself around if you just remember these three steps above.