Finding All Natural Makeup in Your Own Home

Have you been looking for that all natural makeup so that you can achieve that all natural look? Finding a makeup or cosmetics company that does offer all natural makeup products can be rather difficult (if not downright impossible) so the best way to find all natural makeup may be in a place that’s closest to you – your very own home!

Makeup for your Eyes

Eyes are a bit more tricky than any other part of your face, as they are easily irritable and if anything “bad” gets into your eyes you may be suffering for quite a while. A more natural approach to coloring your eyes is to use a powdered form of food dye. Otherwise, if you have liquid dye, add one drop of liquid dye to baby powder or corn starch and apply that to your eye lids. Add some petroleum jelly or the liquid from a vitamin E capsule to make it into a liquid eye shadow.

If you need to quickly add some “mascara” to your eyes, use the good ol’ petroleum jelly trick: simply rub a bit of jelly between your fingers and rub it on to your eye lashes, being sure to pull your lashes upwards and outwards as you go.

Makeup for your Lips

You’d be surprised just how many natural ways there are for you to stain your lips to the color you ever so desire! The most popular amongst them all is definitely beets. Beets can be used to stain your lips to what ever shade you choose. Kool-Aid, Jell-O mix, pomegranates and berries (such as raspberries and blueberries) can also be applied to your lips to be used as a “staining” or lip coloring agent.

To apply any of the above, all you need is a Q-tip and an ability to mash any of the fruits mentioned above to a point where their juices can be applied to your lips. You can also mix any of these items with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to create a stained “gloss” that can be applied.

TIP: In a pinch, you can also add any eye shadow to a bit of petroleum jelly to add a bit more shimmer and color to your lips.

If what you seek is a bit of lip gloss, then one of the quickest ways to hydrate your lips is to break open a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the contents onto your lips. You can also try olive oil if you do not have vitamin E.

Makeup for your Face

For anyone who is fairer skinned, no matter what you can always trust on baby powder to be a great backup source for powder. Try to opt for unscented as scented baby powder may cause irritation and break outs. You can apply the baby powder to your face with a cotton ball or a make up puff.

For cheek coloring, beets also come in handy here. You can find dried up beats or dried beat powder in a number of natural health stores. Break the beet powder down to the point where it is a very fine powder and then dust it lightly onto your cheeks.