Dealing With Acne – A Project For the Teenage Years

Dealing with acne, particularly as a teenager, can be a very traumatic experience. Within the teenage years, we are all looking to be accepted by our peers, and so, if anything about ourselves stands out as being different to everyone else, we become paranoid and even withdrawn.

There are of course a lot of treatments available now, but most of them take time to work, and many of them simply don’t work at all. In the meantime, we are left to suffer in silence, while our friends and even our family mock us for our unsightly acne. There is no simple treatment or cure for emotional upheaval.

And if nothing that we try is working then it leaves us even more depressed. We are so focused on the “now” that tomorrow seems so far away. Will we ever be able to get a date when we look so ugly? Is this going to be it for the rest of our lives? Purgatory – sheer hell! Doomed for a life of misery and gloom! Why are we so unlucky in life? Why are we being punished? Are we so bad, do we deserve this punishment? Why?

And, do you know, the answers never seem to come. The questions never seem to get any answers. At least not until the years have passed and we grow a little older. Only then does the problem of acne diminish. But right now, those years seem so far away. And right now it also seems that our acne is going to plague us forever.

What can be done now to alleviate our plight of sorrow and depression?

No matter how much self pity and how deep the pain and embarrassment is right now, you have to try to constantly remind yourself that your own acne problems are indeed temporary and there is a light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel! Its imperative that you are aware of this, trust me on this!

I remember back to my own teenage years when I was really suffering deep down. No one seemed to care, no one seemed to even notice. And yet to try to discuss my problems of insecurity and helplessness, with my parents, with my friends even, it was simply a no-go area. I was a man and I had to deal with everything myself. And boy, was that a painful time of my life!

So even if you can’t tell others around you how you are feeling about your acne and how you are feeling in your own mind, you should try very hard to remember that this is temporary. Yes, its temporary! Life has a habit of flying by, even before you know it. In what seems in some respects like the blink of an eye, a year, 5 years, even 10 years have disappeared, gone, vanished!

I remember when I was 14 and going through all forms of traumas as a teenager. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to be 18. And I also wondered would I ever reach the grand old age of 25? Would I ever really be that old? I’m actually now much older. Where did the years go?

My point here is, try not to focus on your acne problems quite so much and instead focus on the fact that its a fleeting problem that will be gone soon. You will look back on those years and wonder what all the fuss was about. You will remember those years that were tinged with inner grief and so many questions without any true answers. Its not worth the turmoil, it really is not.

Make the best of what you have, and focus less on your acne. Acne is here today and gone tomorrow. Life actually is little different. You have a choice of enjoying today as much as you do tomorrow. Choose today and don’t waste the young years that you have left. Choose to be happy regardless of the acne. Time is precious so make every day count!