Breast Augmentation Surgery: Is it for Me?

Of all of the elective surgical procedures, breast augmentation surgery has definitely grown the most in size (no pun intended). As a matter of fact, according to the ASAPS (America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) this type of surgery has increased by 147% between 1999 and 2004.

So what is breast augmentation? Also known as “augmentation mammoplasty”, or often referred to as a “boob job”, this type of surgery is used by women who try to enhance the appearance of their breasts, either through size, and/or shape, and/or contouring of the shape. This type of surgery is used mostly by women who feel that their breasts are too small, though it is also often used to help fix the appearance of the breasts after a breast reduction or after childbirth.

It can also help balance the appearance of the breasts if one breast is significantly smaller than the other one (though it is common and normal to have one breast be slightly larger than the other). These types of revisions to the breast are usually done by a surgeon taking an implant and inserting it behind each breast.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The best candidate for breast augmentation surgery is a woman who knows that having a “boob job” isn’t going to make her breasts perfect, but rather it will make an improvement. Women who elect to have this surgery should be healthy physically and mentally. This means that a woman must realize that even after she enhances her breasts, she may have some more confidence but a breast enhancement surgery will not necessary improve or change her life drastically. You will feel a lot better in a bikini, though.

What are the Implants Made Of?

You can choose to either have a saline or silicone implant, though most people opt for silicone these days. Silicone is more expensive than saline, but it will give your breasts a far more natural feel. Breast implants are defined by five different features:

  • Shell surface: smooth or textured
  • Shape: round or shaped
  • Profile: how far does the implant protrude
  • Volume: what’s the size of the implant?
  • “Shell thickness”

It’s important to understand that no matter what type or size of implant you get, no implant will last a lifetime. Most surgeons will recommend that you replace the implant every 5 to 10 years, meaning that you will be subjecting yourself to surgery several times during your lifetime just to have larger breasts. Sometimes the implant will also break or rupture, which can be life threatening.

What are some Risk Factors Involved with Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There are quite a few complications that you may encounter as a result of this surgery. Your breasts may end up uneven or “asymmetrical”, you may experience breast pain, tissue atrophy, chest wall deformities, hematomas, infections, leaking of the implant, displacement, tissue death, loss of sensation, hardening of the breast tissue and wrinkling – just to name a few of the common and very real risks that are associated with this surgery. This is a serious surgery, despite it being so widely popular, so do decide with caution if you are willing to put your body at risk for this type of elective surgery.