Acne Laser Treatment – Does It Work?

Acne laser treatment is one method – a highly successful method, of fighting against acne. Expensive? Yes! Effective? Yes! What’s it all about?

Acne laser treatment begins with a facial cleansing, which will reduce surface oils and any cosmetics and dirt that has accumulated within the facial pores. Have no concern – its not a hard scrub down. Its mild, its gentle and its relaxing and soothing.

Next up, many dermatologists will then proceed to extract further debris from the pores – the pores are often blocked by this hardened debris which forms a plug. With more debris removed over-all then the better the acne laser treatment will be.

The final piece of prep work will be the application of a facial mask. This will be a photosensitizing solution and will be left on the face for anything from 15 minutes to an hour. Within this time, what happens is that the solution is absorbed into the skin and down into the subcutaneous levels where the acne begins.

The active ingredient of this solution is something called Aminolevulinic Acid or ALA for short. It would lie dormant within the skin but for the action of the laser, which activates it. There is a catalytic effect between light and ALA. The laser is only used for a short time, which is enough to trigger the ALA, hopefully to its full potential.

The laser treatment will reach well into the dermal layer and will focus upon the sebaceous glands. What it does is reduce the size of the glands and thus also reduces their capability of producing oil. And in turn, less oil production means potentially less acne production, which is precisely what we are after!

Furthermore, laser treatment will also destroy any bacteria left over from the facial cleansing, which further reduces any potential inflammation.

Upon completion of the process you are able to get back to normal life immediately – providing its indoors. There is no particular recovery period required, which is a blessing. The face may appear a bit pinkish to reddish. But outdoors is to be avoided for at least a 24 hour period afterwards. The skin will be sensitive to sunlight and thus its important to avoid any exposure to it for that 24 hour time period.

Additionally, there is going to be a bit of skin peeling. But within 48 hours or so, the skin will be undergoing full healing and there should be no further peeling. The reddish color should also diminish.

Usually it will take a further acne laser treatment to get back full control of the problem. In fact, you will find that most dermatologists recommend perhaps three or even four treatments, which should be undertaken over the coming few months. Thus it does take patience if you wish to proceed with this form of treatment.

Is it worth the hassle and the wait? If your own acne is a serious concern for you and you have tried a number of other methods to bring some relief, all to no avail, then yes, acne laser treatment is a great step to take which is definitely going in the right direction!