4 Easy Tips for Wearing Lipstick

Lipstick may look easy to apply, but when it comes right down to it having great looking lipstick takes a little bit of know-how. Before you roll your lipstick up out of the tube and lay it on those lips, take a look at these tips on wearing lipstick:

Tip #1: How do I Choose a Lipstick Shade?

Choosing what color lipstick to buy or wear for an occasion can be a bit tricky, but there are some general guidelines when it comes to what color to put on:

Choose your lipstick colors based on your own skin tone. Anyone with darker skin tones will look fantastic in deeper reds, wine tones and plum colors. Light brown and beige colors with either a pink or orange undertone will look great with lighter skin. Olive skin tones will benefit from any light browns, raisin colors and rune red shades.

Those with a warmer skin tone should choose more orange-based lipstick shades. Those with cooler skin tones should go for lipstick colors that have a blue undertone.

Nude and neutral shades of lipstick work great during the day. More dramatic shades of lipstick can be worn at night.

Your lipstick does not need to match the color of the clothing you’re wearing!

Tip #2: How can I get my Lipstick to Stay On?

Many lipstick brands promise that their lipstick shades will “stay on” or are long lasting, but this isn’t always the case. To really get your lipstick to stay on, try any of these tips:

  • Before applying your lipstick, put foundation on top of your lips. This will help set your lipstick once you apply it.
  • Buy a lip sealing product. After you apply your lipstick, put the sealer on top. Your lipstick should last up to 12 hours

Tip #3: How can I get my Lipstick to Stop Bleeding Outside of my Lip Line?

Nothing may be less attractive than having lipstick bleeding outside of your lip line. To get your lipstick to stay put, follow these steps below:

  1. Apply foundation to your lips and, after allowing it to dry, dust on a light translucent powder
  2. Line your lips with either a nude shade of lip liner or a color that is similar to your lipstick shade
  3. Color your lips in with either a lipstick brush or the lipstick itself (lipstick brushes allow you to more precisely fill in your lipstick color)
  4. After a few minutes have passed, dust more translucent powder of your lips to let it set

If you do need to touch up your lipstick throughout the day, be sure to completely remove the lip color and follow up with a reapplication of foundation, powder, lip liner and lipstick.

Tip #4: I got Lipstick on my White Shirt (or a Guy’s Collar!). How can I get Rid of It?

Lipstick is a bit greasy, making it a tad more difficult than most other materials to get off and out of your clothing. Once you do notice that you have stained any piece of clothing with lipstick, treat it as soon as possible. Take care not to rub or smear the stain, and add a drop of water to the stain to help prevent it from setting.

Next, if your clothing is dry clean only, do only just that – DRY CLEAN IT. If you can wash your clothing, cover the stain up with baking soda and let it sit for 5 minutes. Apply a pre-wash stain removing product and follow the directions on the label. Follow up by giving it a good wash in the washing machine and put it in the dryer only if the stain is completely gone (if the stain isn’t totally gone, then the dryer would only set the stain and make it more difficult to remove). Follow the steps above again if there is still a trace of the stain.